Customized Solutions

Pinecone Cyber offers to develop your components and solutions or integrate and customise existing platforms and technologies to meet your specific needs.

We have the experience, the partners and the capabilities to design and implement Cyber Security solutions from start to finish. You may wish to focus your resources on the operations and ongoing development of your eventual solution.

In these cases, we offer to design and implement your entire solution in co-operation with all stakeholders. Alternatively we can work with your nominated vendors and integration teams to perform designated parts of your solution.

Our team comes from diverse technical backgrounds and has extensive knowledge in all types of communication networks, monitoring, security, IP, system integration and software development.

It may be that the system, component or tool that you require to meet your requirements is not available to you. Or perhaps you almost have a complete solution that lacks one or two components.

Whatever the scope of your requirement, we offer our experienced development services to develop and deliver your bespoke software development and hardware integration capabilities to meet your needs.

We also offer development kits such as a toolset for rapid development of hardware-accelerated network applications. The toolkit is based on a sophisticated build system and a collection of IP cores and software, offering a comprehensive environment that enables prototyping of an application in the shortest time possible, which is an invaluable feature for solution vendors, integrators and R&D teams.


DPI Solutions


Deep Packet Inspection and Digital Forensics are approaches to analysing data traffic and code to understand its true intent.

We have technologies in the form of tools and Software Development Kits that can bring your team quickly up to speed to begin analysing suspect traffic and code.

These technologies are designed to aid learning and allow integration into your own tools and processes.Threat Assessment & Risk Analysis.