Training and Education

Training and education are vital to the effectiveness of any cyber response capability. How much or how little is required is dependent on the scope, the assessment of the threats and the risk tolerance of your organization.

Cyber Educational Infrastructure & Facility Development

Cyber-attacks and malware are a rapidly evolving threat to security. Customers who have a national focus will want to develop their own personnel and systems to respond to today’s attacks and plan how to handle those that will undoubtedly, come tomorrow. Jump-start courses are very beneficial in order to become quickly involved. Customer personnel who already have some domain skills in networks, telecommunications and operating systems can become very effective quickly. However, a longer term strategy will be required to nurture and grow the team.Developing a national cyber defence capability will not only enable the defence of national infrastructure but have knock-on benefits to the country, including more domestic educational and professional opportunities, increased business security confidence in the region and a safer environment for all. Pinecone Cyber Defence can work in conjunction with national stakeholders and renowned cyber-security university and educational institutes to develop educational infrastructure and facilities to grow your domestic capability.